Mar 14, 2018

Come to Terms in Amsterdam, June 30th

At end of June this year I'll be doing an expanded, in-person reboot of my occasional terminology workshop with new material and workflows for those who want to do more to control quality and improve communicative vocabularies in interpreting, translation and review projects.

Space is limited at the All-Round Translator event, but I hope you can join us to learn about
  • Better teamwork through timely terminology sharing
  • Faster, more effective discovery of frequently occurring specialist terminology
  • Better access to critical terminology in many environments
  • More efficient and accurate QA for terminology
  • More accurate, efficient and fault-tolerant term use when translating with memoQ
  • Greater flexibility to meet client terminology needs
The Early Bird rate for the workshop is €99 + VAT until the end of April, €120 + VAT  thereafter.

The content is applicable to work with many translation environments, but some segments will share particular tips for maximum productivity using the unbeatably practical memoQ environments.

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