Aug 12, 2015

"Upgrading" translation memories for document context

Translation memories are in a way the Zombie Apocalypse of our profession. Dead data walking, with rotting bits falling off and lying out of context in a concordance for the reader to puzzle over, wondering where that bit of wordflesh one fit in the whole.

How often in my Dark Days as a Trados User did I look at some concordance hit and wonder just how stoned the translator was, corrected the "mistake" and discovered later it was quite right in context? Context matters, but with translation memories it's like the Invisible Hand at best, with a few missing fingers.

I once was lost, but now I found memoQ LiveDocs, and I
  1. export my context-free or -invisible TMs to TMX, then
  2. import the TMX to LiveDocs
where I now can go directly from a concordance hit to the translation unit with LiveDocs, which can be read in document context if that chunk of text was in fact written to the TM in the sequential order of the document, which is often the case.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I'd be interested to hear how well memoQ is able to handle very large amounts of data in its LiveDocs system. Can you give me any numbers (# of TUs), at which things still work smoothly?



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