Aug 18, 2015

Enter the Dragon, Anywhere!

Today Nuance made a presentation of a new product to be released this autumn for mobile devices using iOS and Android operating systems: Dragon Anywhere.

The mobile app will allow secure transcription with a WiFi or cellular data connection as well as synchronization of custom vocabulary with Dragon desktop computer applications wor Windows and MacOS.

The initial presentation made no mention of which languages will be available in Dragon Anywhere; the synchronization feature makes me worry that it might be restricted to the current seven or eight languages available for Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Windows) or Dragon Dictate (Mac), but perhaps the standalone applications for desktop computers and laptops will finally be upgraded to offer the 40+ languages currently available for mobile devices with apps such as Dragon Dictation for iOS or Swype + Dragon Dictation for Android.

It is also unclear at this point whether the new Dragon Anywhere app will allow direct dictation or transfer to the cursor location on a linked computer, as one can do with myEcho or using Swype + Dragon Dictation in conjunction with Chrome Remote Desktop. But with the addition of extensive voice-controlled editing features to the mobile app, Dragon Anywhere represents significant progress toward better ergonomics for writing and translation!

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