Aug 2, 2012

memoQuickie: pretranslation in memoQ

Pretranslating is the process of automatically translating a text or portions of it by comparison with a translation memory, the application of machine translation or the use of a previous version as a reference document. This description covers the first two cases.

Select Operations > Pre-Translate... from the menus.

Select the appropriate pretranslation settings for your file(s). In some cases, using TM-driven segmentation can greatly improve matching.

Here is an example of results with fuzzy matches from a translation memory and some segments (2 and 4) machine-translated (using the pseudotranslation engine as an example for contrast). Without machine translation or fragment assembly those segments would remain empty.

This method of pretranslation is often good to use as a follow-up step when translating with a reference document (i.e. a previousversion using the X-Translate function).

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