Apr 13, 2012

memoQuickie: character controls

memoQ has a few useful, though somewhat badly organized, functions in the Edit menu and on the toolbar which provide support for special characters or the visibility of non-printing character (to clean up extra spaces or verify the presence of a non-breaking space, for example).

To toggle the display of non-printing characters (spaces, etc.), click the corresponding icon in the toolbar:

Special characters are a bit disjointed. The omega icon on the toolbar offers a few useful options:

However, if you need other characters, such as mathematical operators, copyright or registered trademark symbols, etc., you must go to Edit > Insert Symbol...

This opens the familiar Windows dialog:

Personally, I think this should be re-organized with that dialog also accessible under the toolbar's omega icon. I like the selection offered there, but adopting the "see more" approach of Microsoft Word would be helpful:

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