Oct 16, 2011

All the myriad "languagepedias" compared

Another useful tip from the latest ToolKit newsletter by Jost Zetzsche is about a multilingual Wikipedia listing comparison tool, Manypedia. It provides a simple interface for comparing entries in any two specified languages, for example to get a quick overview of relevant terminology.

The screenshot above is one I made comparing pages I used to read up on the disease that nearly killed my dog last week, two days after he passed all his hunting utility qualifications for Germany. (He is now on the mend after several harrowing days and a few pointed discussions with the veterinary clinic where he was first misdiagnosed, then given the wrong treatment when the tick-borne parasites were identified.)

This is an extremely useful tool for me, and I like the comparison of side-by side text displays in the two languages. I do in fact often use Wikipedia to get a "feel" for comparative terminology in subject areas, so I will be making use of this.

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