Jun 17, 2011

Kilgray offers memoQ special until June 23rd

A 40% discount on memoQ translator pro licenses is available until June 23rd, 2011 as part of a group purchase on ProZ.com. That translates to 372 EUR / 462 USD, significantly less than similar offers in recent weeks from competitors.

One day into the special offer, which began yesterday, more than half the allocated software licenses have been ordered. This is an excellent price and an opportunity to acquire the tool which is currently the most versatile, easy-to-master translation support environment for freelancers. Given the rapid pace at which the memoQ Server is capturing market share among translation agencies and companies who deal with large translation volumes, there are also increasing numbers of outsourcers looking for translators who work with memoQ. Kilgray's legendary support for all classes of customers is one of the biggest reasons for this growth, though the company's leadership in introducing revolutionary features for reference management, compatibility with other tools and - in the upcoming version 5.0 - terminology management surely plays a role in the success of memoQ as well.

If you have questions regarding this group purchase or Kilgray's products, they can be submitted via this contact form. One question I can answer here - the deal does, of course, include a free upgrade to memoQ 5.0, scheduled for publication as a release candidate at the end of this month, with the "official" release expected in mid-July.

Those interested in a preview of the cool new terminology features and other stuff in memoQ 5.0 should join the free webinar on June 20th. Another webinar introducing memoQ 5.0 is scheduled for July 5th.

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  1. The initial contingent of 60 licenses went quickly, so Kilgray added another 40 today. These are nearly half gone already.

    Today's intro webinar for the upcoming memoQ 5.0 version made it clear that Kilgray is currently the company offering the most useful innovation for freelancers, LSPs and enterprises at value for the money no one else can currently beat.


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