Jan 3, 2011

Mobile monkeys: Vodafone

My new location makes it necessary to rely on high speed mobile communications for Internet and VoIP telephone connections, as there are no broadband options available for land lines. That's just as well; I like the idea that my entire electronic communications infrastructure is "ready for the road". But I do find it irritating that the provider I use (because the other networks' bandwidth is insufficient here) obviously uses monkeys for its translation. Drunken monkeys like in those old Kung Fu films I used to watch with friends in a Monterey Park cinema in Southern California. Except that those had better translations in their subtitles than Vodafone Germany typically has on its English web pages!

1 comment:

  1. "Thanks a lot."

    All that's missing is the exclamation mark and an angry smiley. LOL.

    Question is though, did they pay peanuts to get that monkey or did they use krautsourcing? ;)


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