Oct 20, 2010

Ceditora: a new literary publishing service for authors, editors and translators

Today Carsten Peters and partner Thomas Brandon announced the formation of Ceditora, a unique publishing service based in South San Francisco, California and Koblach, Austria. Earlier this year I was talking to Carsten about technical aspects of the sophisticated memoQ Server system and workflow he has introduced and supported at an industrial company, and we started chatting about a subject we both love: children's literature. He mentioned plans for a different kind of publishing company, and I was both intrigued and excited by what I heard, because I know some wonderful illustrated work by an acquaintance hidden away in drawers for decades that would fit his model well.

So this morning when I received the official announcement, I couldn't help but grin. I wish them the best of success. I'll quote from the press release here:
Ceditora is a publisher with a unique focus on collaboration in the areas of literary translation, editing, and global marketing.
Authors, editors and translators can register at the Ceditora website free. Ceditora will only accept registration from editors and translators with relevant degrees and significant experience. Published or unpublished authors may register with Ceditora.
Ceditora maintains a searchable repository of available editors, translators, and author manuscripts as well as previously published books available for translation. Authors sumbit their manuscripts or books, editors and translators post their resumes, interests, and samples of their work. Tools to search, create a team, collaborate and present a book proposal are available to those who register with Ceditora. Every book project selected for publication by Ceditora’s management will be published in at least four languages, and marketed worldwide.
Ceditora presents an opportunity for editors and translators to examine multiple projects before deciding which author’s work is the best fit for them. In addition Ceditora offers professionals the opportunity to work with peers from all over the world. Generous commissions per book sold are paid to authors, editors and translators. This is matched with individual service and world class collaboration.
Ceditora is committed to literary excellence and will publish only books that reflect this ideology.
In the launch phase Ceditora is working with a select group of professionals by invitation only. Ceditora will be open to everyone in 2011.
The first step is to visit our website: http://www.ceditora.com


  1. Thanks a lot for this post, Kevin. I stumbled on Ceditora the other day and couldn't quite decide what to make of it. I liked the concept, but it sort of sounded just too good to be true. Now that I have your word that Carsten is trustworthy, I'll go and register right away. I love children's books, too. :)

  2. I've met Carsten at several conferences and was impressed from the very beginning by his character as well as the quality of his concepts. His talk at memoQfest 2009 was my first look at a well-designed workflow with the memoQ Server at an industrial company, and my more recent acquaintance with that system some months ago confirmed my first impression of competence. He's creative, honest and a good problem solver. None of that guarantees the success of the new venture, of course, as there are no guarantees in this life, but he has a winning attitude that I trust. It is also a point in favor of the venture that he is not a newcomer to the field of publishing; his wife is an author of children's books, and I think he translates literature of this sort from Portuguese and possibly other languages. Quite an interesting fellow, worth getting to know.


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