Mar 7, 2010

Bravo, SDL!

For quite a while now I have criticized SDL Trados for not making a test version of the company's translation tools available for pre-purchase evaluationby potential users. Respectable companies like Atril and Kilgray have done so for years. Even Wordfast does this ;-) Now SDL has re-joined the ranks of companies who make it possible for users to make informed buying decisions based on their own experiences. That's a good thing. With my own limited testing on my cranky old laptop, I still prefer other solutions (for performance reasons among other things), but there has indeed been progress with the SDL Trados product line. And on a new machine some of the things that bug me now might not. I'll save a detailed review for a time when I am more familiar with features and can compare then with other products more reliably, but in the meanwhile y'all can do your own tests with the download available here.

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