May 1, 2009

Financial Terminology for Translators

My partner just registered me for what promises to be an excellent seminar for financial translators. It is scheduled in London on June 19-20 and is titled "Financial Terminology for Translators: Terminology of Advanced IFRS Financial Reporting Issues". Details of the course content can be found here.

I am not and never will be a financial translator. However, I support the financial translation work of my partner by proofreading it, and financial aspects are unavoidable in some of the other work I do. We also work with a number of major bank associations in Germany, and a knowledge of financial terminology often proves useful for them, so I was very pleased at this opportunity to acquire more knowledge in this area. I decided to attend the seminar after talking to a colleague in Hilden who attended it twice, because she found the information so valuable. And, as she noted, some parts are really focused on the needs of German to English translators rather than those who, like her, work in the other direction. So I suppose that means I'll end up attending three times....


  1. Thanks for announcing this, Kevin. If anybody is interested in attending this seminar, please note the registration deadline of May 14th, when City University will decide whether the seminar will go ahead or not, based on the number of registrations received by then. So, if you'd like to be there, please sign up by May 14th - you will only be invoiced for the seminar fee after this date if the seminar goes ahead.

  2. I often do business and business related translations, but I always keep away from the really financial stuff, although I have translated descriptions of employee's share funds.
    Normally I do technical translations.

    Peter Motte, French/English to Dutch

  3. As I said, I'm certainly not a financial translator nor do I intend to be. For me it's more a question of providing better support for my partner's work and being very sure to deal appropriately with the terminology and concepts when I encounter them in business documents of various types. I like to do speeches for annual stockholders' meetings, and there's always some of this sort of thing along with the usual motivational smoke and mirrors or excuses.


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