Nov 27, 2008

Jost Zetzsche's Tool Kit newsletter

What can you get for USD 15? Maybe a decent meal at an inexpensive restaurant. A paperback book probably - hardbacks cost more. If you need a consultant to help you deal with a problem on your computer or to advise you on how to work more efficiently, expect to pay a lot more. Or not. For just 15 US dollars a year, Jost - the author of the Translator's Toolbox, co-creator of the Translator's Training web site, author of user manuals for popular CAT tools and more - offers a biweekly advice letter with lots of useful tips. Click on the icon link above to find out more. I've received two issues so far, and the information is very worthwhile - one tip applied is worth the price of the year's subscription.

1 comment:

  1. My subscription has been running for nearly half a year now, and I can confirm that this was a superb investment. Not every item covered in the biweekly publication is of personal interest to me, but there's something I find useful in every issue, and I value the insight and advice of an industry veteran like Jost.


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