Nov 12, 2016

Trump this!

The Lay of the Politics Waged by Donald

I am the Trump, o hear my cry!
I'll fight for you to love my Lie.
I'll build a Wall to bend you over,
then take my turn with Vlad and Rover.
Injecting Hope in your back end,
I'll screw you green, but I'm your Friend.

I won't pay tax: I'm not a chump,
no plebe like you, I am the Trump!
I make the jobs, you do the work,
you working slobs, and like a jerk,
I'll keep your pay, 'cause it's my perk.

A plastic wife like mine ain't cheap,
nor my pet dog, Slick Mike the veep,
and Master Vlad, he wants his cut,
I'll keep the cash, he'll take your butt.
Russian winters are so, so cold,
but rampant bears are hot and bold!

In politics I make my luck
by giving Vlad a timely suck
and spread his word so true and pure,
like finest vodka from manure!

I am the Trump! O hear my cry!
I have the codes: prepare to die!

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