Jun 14, 2015

Introduction to memoQ in Lisbon / Introdução ao memoQ em Lisboa

From July 6th to the 11th, the summer school of the New University in Lisbon will offer a week-long introductory course for memoQ 2015, which includes:
  • The functional modules of the memoQ translation environment and how these work together;
  • Common workflows for translation and editing tasks;
  • Making use of legacy translations and data from other environments;
  • Collaboration with users of other translation environments (SDL Trados Studio, OmegaT, etc.);
  • Tips for problem-solving and added value for translation customers.
The course will be taught by me an Professor David Hardisty, with whom I have spent most of this year so far exploring innovative speech recognition and editing workflows, which will also be an important part of this course. It's a pleasure to work with David, because not only does he have a strong commitment to the success of his students, but he has a marvelous talent for taking my concepts and recasting them in a way that work really, really well for undergraduate and graduate students at all levels.

The course is open to anyone (limited enrollment, 16 persons I think) and offers 24 hours of instruction in the week. It will be taught in English with summaries in Portuguese.

A description of the course in English and Portuguese is here. I am not responsible for the errors in the English. Registration information (Portuguese only, alas) is on this page. Attendees who don't read Portuguese but manage to figure out how to register nonetheless will receive a special reward during the course.

During the week, the course is offered in the evenings, leaving the days free for work or local tourism. It is recommended that translators make a pilgrimage to the monastery named after the patron saint of translation in Belém. Miracles have occurred there, carpel-tunnel syndrome has been healed and dead text has even come to life, but not even the intervention of St. Jerome can save a machine pseudo-translation. You might learn that trick from us, however. Or not.

On August 3rd a course on project management with memoQ will be offered on a similar plan.

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