Feb 21, 2015

Veganazis in translation: a fifth column for ISIS?

The Translation Conference Organizer's Final Confession
First they asked for kosher food and separate plates, and I gave it to them, because after all, religious practice should be respected—
though I am not a Jew.
Then they asked for halal food, and I thought "why not?", the Muslims I know are mostly cool—
though Islam is not my Way.
Then they asked for vegetarian food and got it—
Because I am a vegetarian.
Then they asked for vegan fare and it was done—
Because that diet helped Clinton lose weight.
Then they asked for "raw vegan" and I said, "What?"
Because I know raw text, raw emotions, raw deals, raw sex, but can't get my head around a raw vegan.
Then they came for me—and put me on trial for eating honey and contributing to the enslavement of bees. Please God, let them kill me now before I eat another carrot stick.


  1. That was so funny! "...and I said, "What?" - "

  2. So you're saying there is going to be raw vegan food at memoQfest?

    1. No, the last I heard I think the Gundel will be offering a vegan raw in one of their meal options....


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