Feb 24, 2013

The Master's voice (with video)

Of all the early influences on my reading habits and thoughts about writing, Ray Bradbury was probably the least. The man's sheer popularity put me off. And his damned cheerfulness. It would have been easy enough to meet him and chat, but my "father's generation" of writers (that is, the ones he grew up on and who still lived) intimidated me just a bit. I had a fine afternoon on a bench once with A.E. van Vogt, not realizing who he was. But Ray? Well, no mistaking him. Call me an idiot and I'll agree. The sheer joy of the man speaks so loudly and clearly what I feel when I write and translate; his call to "surprise yourself" is my best practice, and I understand too well the poisoned siren call of money which he warns to avoid.

"Live in the library, live in the library, for Christ's sake!" Listen to the first ten minutes where he expounds on the hygiene of writing (and think of MT post-editing!!!) or spend a worthwhile hour to give this Master who has passed from among us the full attention his words deserve!

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