Apr 22, 2011

A medley of mischief

I don't know how many readers pay attention to the somewhat neglected links in the navigation bar of this blog; I myself often forget what is there. The other day I was telling someone about the excellent translations of the comic poetry of Wilhelm Busch which my ex-wife and another translating friend did many years ago, but I could not say where to find the link (in my navigation bar, of course). Although German, Gabriele used to have quite a gift for written expression in English, and I hope she still does. There's a lot more from Wilhelm Busch, which could inspire future generations of miscreants in English-speaking countries if translated with the right touch. Comics and doggerel poetry are perhaps beneath the dignity of some as they see it, but these media, singly or in combination, often prove just the right elixir to dissolve the angst and confusion of daily routine, yielding a clear solution through which we see the refreshing absurdity of our lives. So have a look at some hilarious 19th century slapstick and have a good Easter weekend!


  1. I love Max and Moritz. They were my first introduction to the German language. I was probably 8 or so and my best friend's mother had a Max and Moritz book in German. I think they were definitely the beginning of my fascination with German and the German culture.


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