Jan 29, 2010

Disconcerted Trados users: stop griping and just buy DVX!

For months now I've watched with some amusement as hardcore Trados users have insisted that their productivity depends on the split vertical view during translation. Some have come to realize that for editing at least, the parallel grid view for the source and target languages that one finds in SDLX, Déjà Vu and memoQ is much more productive. But they still insist they need the accustomed split vertical view to translate.

OK. No point in arguing about it. With Déjà Vu X at least, they can have the best of both worlds: a side-by-side view of source and target text before and after the segment being translated and the desired split vertical view. The corresponding settings can be adjusted via the Options menu item under the Tools menu, which presents the following dialog (relevant settings on the Environment tab marked with a red box):

This changes the DVX working window to look something like this (relevant portion also marked with a red box, click to enlarge):

And of course as noted in a previous post (Atril's Déjà Vu as the starting point of collaboration), DVX has excellent interoperability options with Trados or other tools.


  1. Does that mean that you get the vertical view and the side-by-side split in separate widgets inside the window?
    One thing I never liked about any of the major CAT tools (neither Trados, nor DVX) are the overcrowded application windows. Maybe that is why DVX simply resides as a non-used button on my desktop.

  2. Volkmar HirantnerJanuary 30, 2010 5:48 PM

    In SDLX, users may choose whether they want side-by-side or horizontal view, Kevin. I would suspect that this function would also be included in SDL Trados Studio 2009.
    In SDLX Edit mode, go to -> View -> Document Windows and select Horizontal or Vertical.


  3. @Volkmar: Could be. If someone (Paul?) can provide me with a suitable screenshot and instructions, I'll post them here. I do't have access to a working copy of Studio 2009 at the moment, so I ca't check this myself. I've just grown rather tired about the endless bellyaching about the interface change with Trados, which I generally consider to be a step in the right direction. I'll agree with the concerns about how the rollout was handled last summer (bugs, policies, the whole ball of wax), but I do applaud SDL Trados' attempt to offer a more useful, contemporary interface to its users, following leaders in this area like Atril and Kilgray (and to some extent the old SDLX team, though I never did like that product much).

  4. You know you that there's the same option in MemoQ too? (View > Horizontal Edit) I used to love the split view in Trados (and I still sometimes enjoy going back to it when I occasionally use Trados), but I never switch it on in MemoQ because in fact it isn't crucial to me.

    So you could also say "Stop griping and just buy MemoQ".

  5. @Rod: I figured it was probably there somewhere along with a million other MQ tricks I haven't learned yet. But I'll have to amend your statement. It should be "Stop griping and just buy MemoQ... and get better support!".

  6. Hi, I've often been wondering about DVX. Most of my colleagues use SDL Trados Studio. Personally, I have tried MemoQ and found it very promising, even though I do not think it offers as many funcions as Studio.

    How does DVX stack up against these two tools in your opinion?


  7. Gabriel, a lot has happened since this post originally appeared. I no longer consider DVX to be a desirable option in today's tool selection. Although the new version was finally released (years late), the takeover of Atril by PowerLing, a company which has never demonstrated any particular competence, makes me deeply cynical about the chances of anything really useful coming from there. Trados Studio and memoQ are among the best options today, the latter especially if you care about good integration and support. With any tool, you should look carefully at how you work best and what you would like to do that is difficult now and find the tool that solves your problems in the most ergonomic way.


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