Aug 19, 2009

New MemoQ release (v3.6)!

Here's the latest news from the Kilgray team:

We are happy to announce the beta release of the brand-new MemoQ v3.6. New features include:

-- Our long-awaited DOCX filter.

-- A PDF filter built on the open-source Xpdf tool that allows you to extract plain text from PDF files for alignment and translation.

-- MemoQ can now be officially installed on 64-bit systems.

-- A feature to auto-insert the best hit when you enter the next segment after Ctrl+Enter. Look under Translation / Automatic Lookup and Insertion.

-- An option (by default, on) to show TB hits in their order of appearance in the source, not alphabetically. Double-click the orange icon above Translation results for settings.

-- The Concordance window can now be left open as you continue to translate.

-- You can now safely use local projects stored on a network drive (only one user at a time).

-- We reinstated our old friend, F4, for inserting the fragment assembled hit. The shortcut can be configured, of course.

-- An improved terminology check in the QA module that will yield fewer false positives for missing terms.

Besides these features, 3.6.2 includes a number of fixes that didn't make it into a 3.5 build anymore. You feedback, as always, is precious to us. Download and enjoy 3.6, and don't hesitate to bomb us with impressions either on the Yahoogroups MemoQ list or through our support address.

To download the beta, follow this link:


  1. Hi Kevin,

    Have you by any chance posted a private communication there? I can't see anything about that on Kilgray's website, although I'd like to have heard about it from them.

  2. No Rod, I copied this directly from the latest mail summary from the Yahoogroups forum. Have a look there.

  3. Thanks Kevin. I'm glad that you're spreading the word on here too.

  4. There's actually a better post on this topic which I just noticed on Translator's Shack. There the significance to the poster of each point is detailed. I thought the comments were useful on the whole. Read them here.


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