Jun 26, 2009

Belarc Advisor

Shortly after I started this blog I reviewed Jost Zetzsche's Tool Kit newsletter. I subscribed to the premium edition for USD 15 per year, and every two weeks or so a copy of it shows up in my e-mail inbox. There's always at least one item - sometimes in the "premium" content, sometimes in the "regular" stuff - which in my mind pays for the whole subscription. Good tips aren't all that easy to come by, and I consider Jost to be a high quality "filter".

Today's 143rd Tool Kit edition had a lot of interesting commentary and one hot tip that is extremely useful to me. Check out the free Belarc Advisor, a tool which does an excellent job of profiling your PC's configuration. I won't give a long explanation of what it does - Jost covers that in his newsletter and the Belarc site gives the rest of the details you might want.

Every two weeks I get useful advice like this. It's a bit like Christmas when the newsletter arrives. Except that Christmas hits my bank account a lot harder and isn't nearly as helpful. (Call me Grinch, but I'll take good tips on TEnT tools over a second helping of turkey and stuffing any day.)

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