New Beginnings with memoQ
For new users and those in search of a productivity "reboot" with new features and interfaces!
New Beginnings with memoQ

memoQ in korte stappen: Configuratie
The Dutch version of the memoQ in Quick Steps configuration productivity tips.

memoQ in Quick Steps: Configuration
memoQ in Quick Steps: Configuration. Get more from your CAT tool!
The first part of the second edition series of memoQ in Quick Steps productivity tips, focusing on essential configuration for better data management and work performance in translation. Confused about how to manage or even find project resources, translation memories, missing termbases and all those crazy settings files for spelling and segmentation, etc? This is the book for you. It covering memoQ versions 5.0 and later with an emphasis on memoQ 2013 R2.


memoQ 6 in Quick Steps - first electronic edition
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Released at the time of memoQ 6.0.64, this collection of tips and short tutorials covering a broad range of challenges reflects the state of the software in all its glory and gore. The information in this guide is based on questions from user of all levels of experience, from freelance translators, editors, translation agency project managers, corporate IT support personnel and others. The approach to the software is very different from typical user manuals and training courses, because the author firmly believes that human processes and convenience should determine how the features of software should be applied and we ought not to sacrifice efficiency and our dignity to features as designed and presented by others who may not understand how we work best.

What do the critics say?
"This is not just a book about how to use memoQ. It's a book about how to handle the files and information you need as a translator, using memoQ as a tool. This is what is so special about it - it's like having a very experienced translator come and help you get your processes in order."Jayne Fox, German to English translator
"... Why write (or buy) a book on a tool that has a decent help system to start with? Aside from several shortcomings Kevin uncovers in memoQ's internal documentation, it makes a big difference to read through a book like this and discover features that you would never find in a help system, even if they're documented. After all, you typically refer to the online help only when you're looking for clarifications on something you already know exists.

Kevin himself says that his book is for both "new and seasoned users," but he qualifies this by saying he "assumed that readers will have some familiarity with memoQ" -- and I think that's an adequate description. You certainly won't find discussions on the merits of translation technology in general or what exactly a translation memory is, but you will find well-written explanations of concepts that are unique to memoQ, such as corpora, versioning, or cascading filters.

I actually read through almost all 200 pages and learned (or felt reassured by) quite a bit.

I found good tips on using the project concept as a structure for per-client files (a process I had been doing with another tool for years and always thought I had invented!), how to move memoQ to a new computer, how to optimize the Views feature, and how to prepare Word and Excel files to exclude certain parts of the documents. I discovered how to perform quality assurance on translation memories, enter forbidden terms in the termbase, decipher the cryptic Aspose feature, and much, much more.

All in all, it's a very helpful book that will make you a lot more productive (if you use memoQ, of course) than the initial investment of the purchase price might make you think...."
Jost Zetzsche in The 216th Tool Box Newsletter
"The book presumes you know something of memoQ but it provides enough information to be of use to any level of reader. It is a common mistake of reference books on software to let features and functionality decide the contents. This book takes the much more user friendly and productive way of having each chapter deal with issues which the user will actually want to do. Most of the chapters in the book have the feel of tutorials which Kevin has already tried on real users and has improved them after listening carefully to their feedback."Peter Reynolds on the Kilgray blog
„Ihr neues Buch über MemoQ habe ich mir bei Lulu gekauft. Danke für Ihre Mühe! Zwei, drei Sachen konnte ich sofort klären, die bislang nur vage bis verschwommen im Hinterstübchen ein Schattendassein fristeten.“Carola Striebel, transjura:translations
"I just bought your ebook on MemoQ, which immediately turned out to be very useful. So, thank you!"  – Isabella Massardo, NL+EN > IT translator

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